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College Darts

2010 November 6
Posted by arob44
When I was in college I hung a dartboard in my dorm because I though it was the cool thing to do.  Later, I found out how boring dorm life can be and that dartboard got some action.
When ever I felt myself drifting off into slumber while studying I would break to throw a few darts.  This allowed me to focus on something different.  It also got my blood flowing with constant walking to the board.  The walking and throwing allowed my muscles some needed movement to wake me up.
After throwing a few hundred darts I would return to my studies until I felt boredom and my attention deficit catching back up.  This was a great way to keep myself from burning myself out from studying.
Sometimes I would set goals and if I reached those goals I would reward myself with a set amount of “dart time.”  Usually I would study for an hour or two, and then reward myself with 20 minutes of “dart time.”  The amount of study varied from subject to subject depending on my attention span with that subject.
Darts also offered something for my dorm mates to do.  A few times we held hallway dart tournaments.  Unfortunately, whenever we went out to the local bar or pub they usually only had soft tip dart machines, but they did not stop us from playing.
Needless to say my steel tip darts, the dartboard, and occasionally the wall took serious abuse over my four years of schooling.
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